Now I am monitoring the students taking the second monthly exam, and I am observing them again!  Watching them and writing these words.  A girl, with long, straight, central-parted hair, is gently touching her upper lips while pondering the questions.  Another girl, who has a nickname “baby,” looks serene while working on the papers.  Still, another girl, with her elbow rested on the desk, is writing on the exam paper earnestly.  This is a history exam, which is not very difficult, I guess.  Even I can work out the answers to some questions myself.  How do you know the exam is easy?  Some boys’ heads have rested on the desk for quite a while.  I guess they must be exhausted, after a day’s exam.  Luckily, the weekend is coming up, and there is no courses on this Saturday!  Good for students, and also myself.

Looking at the students’ faces, I wonder how heavy burden the study has brought to them, with their life loaded with so many exams and classes.  With such a tight schedule, how could they have time to browse the abundant books in the library?  How would they have time to breathe for a while, to expose themselves to another world unfolded by books, I mean, no textbooks.  “Muss es sein?” (Must it be so?) said so by Beethoven in his late life.  I hope the answer is not “Es muss sein!” (It must be so).
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